Monday, May 3, 2010

Heresy Era Imperial Fist Veteran in MkV

Here is a Veteran in the Mk V Heresy Armor.

I made this guy out of SM and Chaos bits along with Granht line rivets.

They are sold in railroad hobby shops and make for the best studs in my opinion.
I also used a 2nd edition bolter which they seem to use most offen in the Horus Heresy artwork.


Big Jim said...

Looking great, Mk 5 armor is really kool. I just with it were easier to put together a model wearing one.


Big Jim said...

That should read "wish it were easier"


Flekkzo said...

That looks awesome. I like the model and I especially like the chainsword. Top notch work.

I am partial to IF though:)

Ironclad said...

I concur - this is a really splendid effort. The color choices are spot-on, and the weathering/battle damage is nicely executed.

Hey, I use the Grandt Line rivets, too! Their bolt heads and other fittings are really useful on terrain pieces.