Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We Speak His Word "Glory Be"

Here is a one shot I am pretty proud of a Pre-Heresy Word Bearer from the time when they worshiped the Emperor as a God

I would love to do a whole army like this making them all decked out like the Inquisition/Sisters of Battle.

Shrine Rhinos and the whole nine yards.

He has a Old School hand flamer to burn all those heretical Texts

Monday, June 29, 2009

Malcador the Hero

Here is the Regent of Terra Himself,

Malcador the Sigilite or as the Emperor decreed Malcador the Hero

Pre-Heresy Banner of Macragge

This is my take on what the Banner of Macragge looked like during The Great Crusade.

I would hardly think they would have a genestealer on their banner.

Also on the Storming of Cornith pic in the 4th Space Marine codex shows Ancient Galatan with the Banner of Macragge and it looks like this.

I imagine the Genestealer banner was commissioned sometime after the Battle for Macragge.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Sharpshooter "Mad Larkin"

I have a few of the old Ghosts kicking around and I have finished up the Marksman's counterpart

"Mad Larkin", sharpest eye in the whole Sabbat Worlds crusade.

I have given him a few tattoos that are common on all Tanith soldiers
Expect to see a squad of my Lancers be composed of Tanith models maybe a good way to
represent a vet squad

Saturday, June 27, 2009


I know these few guy will not be game legal since they are from Incursion and not GW.

But I want to use these guys as proxy Ogryns.

My army would never stoop so low as to employ abhumans.

So the idea is the Mad Magos Edison has uncovered the plans for an ancient battlesuit that did not require special surgery to be able to pilot.

It does however run off of forbidden nuclear technology

But studying these plans and a few captured Tau battlesuits, he has invented the O.G.R.Y.N suit.

It is slow and ponderous but heavily armored and able to wield weapons too heavy for a Grunt alone.

The Marksman Completed

I have finished Saul the Blood Pact Marksman one of the nine sent to kill the Sabbat Martyr.

I plan on making a squad of Blood Pact Infantry using these great Fallen Legionnaire heads from MaxMini.

The grotesques on them look really good for those of us who cannot sculpt them just the way I would like.

Expect more on them soon.

The Founders are on hold for a week or two I got burnt out painting all that black.

Besides that's the way my ADD painting habits work anyhow,at any giving time I have 3 or 4 armies going.

I get bored of painting any army after two weeks so I put it on hold and switch to keep it fresh.

Right now I have

-Eisenhorn's Inquisition Army and the Merican Lancers(A demonhunter army with Space Marine and Guard allies)

-Sons of Horus


-Blood Pact

And right now the Eye of Terror is gazing at the Pact

Friday, June 26, 2009

Saul the Marksman

I used the baneblade commander body as a base for my rendition of Saul the Blood Pact
Marksman from the Guant's Ghost's series.

He has a modified voxcaster to pickup enemy transmissions.

I his whole right hand is scarred except for the trigger finger.
I still need to add a few fine touches and base him on a great cityfight base I made for him.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

"The Founders" Venerable Lexandro

Here is the teams Dreadnought the Venerable Brother Lexandro.
He was Honored with a very rare Dreadnought chassis that was rare during the Great Crusade
It is not much bigger than Terminator Armor but far more deadly.
While not as fast as Terminator Armor it is more heavily armored and way faster than any other
style of dreadnought chassis.
He was an Imperial Fist Captain who was sequestered into the Inquisition a long long time ago.

Old timers will know who he is.

"The Founders" Imperial Fist

The fourth member of the kill team is an Imperial Fist wielding a Heavy Bolter.

This gun was used during the Siege of Terra.

It is shoulder mounted to fired over the parapets of the Imperial Palace and is of a larger caliber than a standard heavy bolter.

He is a First company Vet with artificer armor who is determined to be better than ever other marine.

He is always competing with the Ultramarine in every way possible.

He has been in the Deathwatch for a long time

Friday, June 19, 2009

"The Founders" Iron Hands

Here is the third member of the Kill team.

Even if not game legal I want this Kill team to have a little of everything.

The Founders are some of the best and brightest members of the Founding Legions.

So the will be a Blood Angel Apothecary, the Imperial Fist is the Heavy Weapon Specialist,and the guy we have here an Iron Hand Iron Father Techmarine.

I think his story is that he is trying to find an STC for Ad-Mech,If he finds it he will not hesitate to do whatever is necessary to retrieve it even if that mean killing the rest of the Killteam.

He does things like sneaks forbidden Inquisition eyes only xenos samples and weapons to a certain Arch-Magos that is practically a heretic in the eyes of Mars.

He cannot help but to constantly invent new things and uses the Iron fathers finds to make his research leap years ahead of anything currently seen.

The Magos's name,


Space Hulk Bases

Here are a few examples of the bases I am making for my Deathwatch Killteam.

I have used diamond plate textured card to cover the base.

Dragonforge metal cables and 22 gauge wire for any wires and cables.

Some Round plastic tube for conduit and a few scraps of plastic here and there.

When finished the rim will be painted with danger stripes

"The Founders" Space Wolf

Here is the second member of the Kill Team,The Space Wolf.

I have not come up with any definite names for any of them yet.

That back stories may change in the future when I have completed the Kill Team and have more input from this Blog and Friends

The idea behind him is that he is a Wolf Guard who joins the Deathwatch to find any trace of the mighty Leman Russ.

He is on a never-ending Great Hunt and is actually closer to finding Russ than any before him.

He wields a frost axe that was used by a member of the 13th Company during the Razing of Prospero.
He is based like all my Deathwatch on custom made space hulk bases,that all have some sort of alien acid blood damage on them.
I have used plastic rivets for his legs to make them more detailed, and bits from the Space Wolf sprue and metal Deathwatch bits

Monday, June 15, 2009

"The Founders" Deathwatch Killteam

For my Inquisition Army I need Muscle.

The idea is a Killteam comprised of the Loyal Founding Legions.

Each has their own personal hidden agenda,

The Dark Angel is secretly searching for the Fallen to the point of making bad tactical choices to follow up leads,

The Iron Hand is secretly searching for a Rumored STC system and in the pocket of Ad-Mech and so on..

So the First I have completed is the UltraMarine who along with the Imperial Fist are really the only two without an agenda I can come up with at this time.

Maybe something as simple as trying to influence his brothers fighting methods to fall in line with the teachings of his beloved Gulliman is his agenda.

I have added a Wreath for his helm and a Purity Seal on his chest.

I also tried to give him a standard WYSIWYG load out to emphasize his codex teachings,(Bolter,chainsword,pistol,pouch,grenades of both varieties)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

For whom the Bell Tolls

This is a one shot Badab War Vet I made.
Since BoLS is doing the Badab War soon I want to make a few of the Marines from that time.

First up is a Chapter that I have always wanted to make a full army of the "Fire Hawks".

This is the chapter that gets lost in the Warp and becomes the Legion of the Damned.

And you do not get a more badass chapter symbol than a Mushroom Cloud.

This is a Company Champion with Storm Shield and Chainsword.

I tried to use bits that were skull heavy to make it where they always kind of had a thing for skulls and bones.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thorne Wishes Talon

Here is Inquisitor Eisenhorn nearly finished.

He needs a few more highlights but the model is finished enough to show.

I have him based on a cities of death floor tile painted to be green and beige marble.

Now I need to find models to represent the following
-A young Ravenor
-Ravenor the Chair
-Alisebeth Bequin
-Carl Thonius
-Midas Bentacore

Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Tutorial

Here is a quick tutorial on how to paint green and beige marble.

1)Start off painting the tiles your base color I have used Dheneb Stone for my tiles

2)Using Thinned Devlin brown wash apply little pools or puddles of brown on the tiles themselves and let dry

3)Do this a couple more times leave some spots with just one coat of wash and go over a few a couple of times to get darker patches

4)Using Green (Dark Angels green) thinned down I painted the alternating tiles green like a checkerboard,leave the paint thin enough so you can see the marbling underneath but it should not be too watery either.
Add a layer or two just like you did the brown to make the green darker in spots
5)Using white(VMC foundation white) very carefully paint veins on some of the green tiles and you are done.