Saturday, August 29, 2009

Terminator Librarian in Progress

I have not forgotten about my Librarian.

I went a different shade of blue than the Ultras,I see Librarians as being Electric Blue.

I am still not sure on his name hence why the banner on his bannerpole is blank.

There is not much room on the banner maybe he will be Librarian Joe :)

Genestealer Tutorial 4

This week has let me refine how I will paint my Genestealers for the new Space Hulk game.
Here are the other 3 tutorials

I will be using a wash technique to do these guys.

The Genestealer below was first given a primer grey undercoat.

Then I used Dheneb Stone to base coat the mini.

I then painted the head,hands and feet Tallarn Flesh.

Once I had a good solid basecoat I gave three coats of Asurmen Blue wash letting each layer dry completely before starting the next.

I then gave the head,hands and feet and good solid layer of Leviathan Purple wash.

The claws got hit with Devlin Mud the tongue with Baal Red.

I used Necron Abyss for the fine veins in his head and Bad Moon Yellow for the eyes.

Genestealer Tutorial 3

Here are the results of some tips that were given to me in the other two tutorials.
First off here is a link to the second Tutorial

The first three pics are using Elf Flesh as a base for the Head,Hands,Feet.

Then I gave it two good solid washes of purple.

It give the model a more muted tone that I like very much.

I am going to try with the next model using Elf Flesh as the Entire Basecoat and coloring only with the washes and see how that looks.

The last pic is me using Gloss Varnish over the purple to give it a slimy feel.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Genestealer Tutorial Part 2

The Second Part of the tutorial is more of an explanation on what I've done rather than step by step.
Here is a link to Part 1

I used VMC Purple and hit the high points of his head and hands.

I then used a 50/50 mix of VMC Purple and VMC Pink to do the extreme highlights.

I used Dheneb Stone for the claws and teeth with first a Devilin Brown wash.

Once that was dry I went over them with Gryphonne Sepia.

I used VMC medium blue for the highlights on the body.

I used streaks of all three colors throughout the hard chitin sections of his armor

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Genestealer Tutorial Part 1

With Space Hulk around the corner I find it odd that GW does not have a Genestealer Painting tutorial up.

Well I hope to help fill that gap with a very easy way to paint your Genestealers in the classic colors.

I have used Vallejo Model Color[VMC} Medium Blue and[VMC] Pink,and GW Foundation Hormagaunt Purple.

You can also use GW's Enchanted Blue and If you can find it Tentacle Pink(If not you want the purple to be on the light side as the wash will darken it) instead of the VMC stuff.

I have basecoated the body with Medium Blue and the Head and hands with Pink.

Make sure you have a good solid base.

As a rule of thumb when you think it is good, give it one more coat anyway.

For the next stage I used GW washes Asurmrn Blue and Leviathan Purple.

The body gets 1 solid coat of Asurmen blue,make sure you get it all covered the first time if want it in the classic shade.

A second coat will make it darker,which may not be a bad thing just not what I personally am going for.

The head and hands get 1 solid coat of Leviathan Purple,as before a second coat will turn it dark purple.

Now you can just add a bone color to the teeth and claws and you will have a terrific looking gaming standard mini.

In the next tutorial I will use more advanced techniques to finish him.

Genestealer Test Run

So I've made the three Genestealers you saw in the previous post,now it is time to paint them.

For the past three days I have been testing out different schemes.

I started off drybrushing and making them a dark indigo but that didn't work for me.

I then went with a wash technique that blew my socks off.

He looks like he stepped off the Banner of Macragge.

I will make a tutorial soon.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Getting a Jump on Space Hulk 2

Last year I stumbled onto this site
And immediately went out and bought a box of stealers to make some of my own.
I think I got around to making two of them before I moved on.
But now space hulk is around the corner it is a perfect time to dust these guys off and make a few specialty nids.
All the nids I can make from this kit will use the scything talons instead of hands which will make them different than the game ones.
I also am making use of the unique heads in the stealer box so far I used the embryo implant,feeder,and flesh hook tendril heads.
I also use the extended carapace and ripper swarm.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Terminator Librarian part 2

Just a small update

I have made some good progress on the Librarian.

I am at the point where I need to add highlights.

C&C is welcome as always

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Terminator Librarian part 1

This will be the Librarian I am using for my Space Hulk game.

He is at what I call Basecoat Plus stage.

I have the armor painted Necron Abyss and the red plate VMC Burnt Cad Red.

I also used the Burnt Red for the lettering on his shoulder book,which is written in blood.

The face, cloth , and paper is Dheneb Stone with various GW washes.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Getting a Jump on Space Hulk

I don't know about you guys But I plan on making my game the deluxe version.

I do not think the Librarian model is flashy enough to be a Blood Angel that comes with the game.

The new 40k Terminator Librarian is an awesome model and I will be using this instead.

And sometimes it would be nice to switch out the Commander for a Chaplain.

And the Terminator Chaplain is one of the best looking models GW makes in my opinion.

I for one cannot wait to see what people do with this game

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sons of Horus Battle Brother 3

Here is the third of the bolter brothers for this squad.

I have converted him to be actually aiming his bolter.

Truth be told I hate the standard bolter arm.

He has the old Luna Wolf emblem still on his bolter because it is bad luck to tamper with his bolter when it still has yet to jam since coming off the line on Mars.

I added XVI on his left sholderpad along with the Eye of Horus badge.

The right has the Tactical arrow with V company's emblem in the middle.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Thoughts on Space Hulk

So I wake up this morning Surprise,Surprise the mystery box was Space Hulk,
One thing about these marketing campaigns is when they go this route where they put out little to no info you tend to make the product better in your own head.
I for one was foolishly hoping for full plastic Cities of Death style interlocking tiles and unfortunately it was cardstock.
There were also no Star Trek style sliding doors or a talking battle computer named K.I.T.T.
Now do not get me wrong, I am still going to buy at least two more if I can.
But I do have to say the models for this game are spectacular.
You just have to go on the Games Workshop site and check out everything they have on the game as soon as possible.
As soon as I get the game I will being attempting the painstaking task of making each cardstock piece out of plasticard and bits.
I will being asking advice about this project as I go along such as,how tall do I make the walls?
Do I use walls?Just the floor like the card stock.
I will also be making a Pre-Heresy terminator squad and paint up the ten or so genestealers I already have.
But just so you know the Genstealers I worked on were heavily influenced by the AlienNids site.
Stay tuned for yet another project to the pile
Sons of Horus, Blood Pact, The Eisenhorn Inquisitoral Army, Ultramarines, and now Space Hulk

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sons of Horus Battle Brother 2

This is the second bolter brother of the squad.

I used the Forgeworld MK4 upgrade with a Chaos topknot.

The Bolter and Backpack are from an old weapon sprue that they stopped making a when the stopped doing mailorder.

I bought $100 worth of them they had 3 Bolters,backpacks,Shoulderguards and knives.

All the of the same style as seen in the Horus Hersey artwork.

He also has a Davin Battle Honor along with his Company Marking on his greaves.

His bolter sports the Eye of Horus symbols and marking showing 250 kills with that particular bolter.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sons of Horus Badge Tutorial

Here is a quick and clean method to freehanding the Sons of Horus Badge.

Also useful for Black Legion players.

1) Paint an M shape (similar to how people draw birds)

2)Connect the top

3)Add eyeball and arrow

4)Clean up badge with the base color

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sons of Horus Battle Brother 1

This is the first Bolter Brother of the squad.

He has an older style helmet that was popular when the Legion was Luna Wolves.

I added detail on his right knee and the alternate badge on his right shoulder.
His bolter has the Hundred kill stripe and three 10 kill slash marks.

Fargin Corks

I have just started painting the arms separate from the body.

I used put together the whole model then paint them

But as good of a painter that you may be there will still be bare spots.

I really makes the difference painting the arms separate.

I use a cork and paperclip to make a holder to attach the arms,head and gun to.

I also use them to hold the models while painting

Next time someone polishes off a bottle of wine try to snag the cork.

They make great basing material for craggy rocks but they have an even better use.