Thursday, August 27, 2009

Genestealer Tutorial Part 1

With Space Hulk around the corner I find it odd that GW does not have a Genestealer Painting tutorial up.

Well I hope to help fill that gap with a very easy way to paint your Genestealers in the classic colors.

I have used Vallejo Model Color[VMC} Medium Blue and[VMC] Pink,and GW Foundation Hormagaunt Purple.

You can also use GW's Enchanted Blue and If you can find it Tentacle Pink(If not you want the purple to be on the light side as the wash will darken it) instead of the VMC stuff.

I have basecoated the body with Medium Blue and the Head and hands with Pink.

Make sure you have a good solid base.

As a rule of thumb when you think it is good, give it one more coat anyway.

For the next stage I used GW washes Asurmrn Blue and Leviathan Purple.

The body gets 1 solid coat of Asurmen blue,make sure you get it all covered the first time if want it in the classic shade.

A second coat will make it darker,which may not be a bad thing just not what I personally am going for.

The head and hands get 1 solid coat of Leviathan Purple,as before a second coat will turn it dark purple.

Now you can just add a bone color to the teeth and claws and you will have a terrific looking gaming standard mini.

In the next tutorial I will use more advanced techniques to finish him.


Grey_Death said...

You might give a flesh color washed with the purple a try. John Shaffer was painting his Hulk stuff at BoLSCon and used this to great effect. Had a great natural look to it.

BigWill said...

Not a bad idea,I still have the third guy to do.
I will definitely try that,thanks for the tip.

the other Kevin said...

Simple and quick, and looks good too. One question though, when do you use the GW Foundation Hormagaunt Purple?

BigWill said...

For the guys that come with the Space Hulk game you really do not have to use it.

I use it on the extra chitin I added to the shoulders and The guy on the tute has extra Chitin on his head instead of eyes.
I then use every color used(Mblue,purple,pink) to paint streaks in it.

Big D said...

How is the pink working for you? I have a bottle of the Vallejo Squid Pink and it is about the consistency of water. Is this stuff any thicker than that? I am looking for a replacement Citadel Tentacle Pink since they don't make it anymore.

BigWill said...

The regular pink is pretty much the same as tentacle pink.
I really like the Model Color series alot it has good consistancy.
In short I think you will be happy if you pick up a bottle of just PINK