Saturday, August 29, 2009

Genestealer Tutorial 4

This week has let me refine how I will paint my Genestealers for the new Space Hulk game.
Here are the other 3 tutorials

I will be using a wash technique to do these guys.

The Genestealer below was first given a primer grey undercoat.

Then I used Dheneb Stone to base coat the mini.

I then painted the head,hands and feet Tallarn Flesh.

Once I had a good solid basecoat I gave three coats of Asurmen Blue wash letting each layer dry completely before starting the next.

I then gave the head,hands and feet and good solid layer of Leviathan Purple wash.

The claws got hit with Devlin Mud the tongue with Baal Red.

I used Necron Abyss for the fine veins in his head and Bad Moon Yellow for the eyes.

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