Saturday, November 28, 2009

Imperial Fists Chainfist Pt 3

I am almost finished with Brother Lucen, just fine touches and basing to go on him.

I have finished the 5 Imperial Fists with a really nice Brother I just modeled with lots of Laurels,very Heroic he would of made an excellent Ultramarine.

I am also painting up a Sternguard Sergeant at the same time.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Imperial Fists Chainfist part2

I have blocked out most of the colors on him now and also added redlining using chestnut ink and matte medium mixed with flow improver.

I also added some battle damage.

It is good to do it at this stage so I can cover up any areas where the effect doesn't work as well.

Next up is highlighting and the Yellow ink wash

Friday, November 20, 2009

Imperial Fists Chainfist part1

Here is my next One I am working on a Battle Brother with Chainfist.

I used hot water to soften the resin shoulder pad and give the cloth some movement and realism.

I am painting his heraldry on his greave.

I particularly like his old company marking 2nd company Tactical.

He has much more work to go.

Multi-Purpose Terminator Bases

I went through a few different bases before I found what I will be using.

Put a 25mm base on top of a 40mm base and trace it.

The on the inside corners add pins so you can put the 25mm base on top and have it not slide.

The Terminator Himself will goes on the small base so he will fit on a space hulk board.

But that small base stacks onto the proper sized base to use him in games of 40k.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Imperial Fists Heavy Flamer

Not one to sit on my Laurels I am hard at work on the next member of the kill team.

The Heavy Flamer Brother.

He is painted in the same style but I used a darker color for the chipping.

I have also used weathering powder to replicate the soot effect that a flamer would give off to the surrounding armor.

The last picture is the newer style 40mm base for the Kill Team.

There is a blank space where the 25mm base drops right in.

Imperial Fists Assault Cannon Finished

Here he is finally finished on what is now going to be a temporary base.

This base was the prototype but I want to redo it with a small square base instead of cut card and a more streamlined 40mm base so he can be both Space Hulk and 40k.

I am entering him in a competition on Ammobunker a very good site with some very accomplished modelers and painters.

The link to the contest is here

Monday, November 9, 2009

Imperial Fists Assault Cannon pt3

The arm is attached,coming to the final stretch now.

I redid the heraldry to a more traditional quartered scheme.

I also added a few more highlights but it still needs work done on the crux

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Brother Goriel

Here is Brother Goriel

I used a trick with a hair to make the acid blood drop.

I have 3 other Blood Angels that are about 80% complete and now have dust on them literally.

I am going to finish these 3 Blood Angels this week.

Imperial Fists Assault Cannon pt2

The back story behind this guy is that he was given Biff Tundrish's geneseed.

That is why he has the spider as heraldry.

When not in terminator armor he is one of the foremost experts on heavy weapons and spends time with every squad when not attached directly to the 1st company just like Tellion does for the scouts.

I really like how the weathering turned out on him.

I used Tamiya weathering powder soot on the exhausts and barrel tip and burnt orange and burnt blue on the assault cannon to mimic heat stress.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hoods and Surplices

I found a company champion in my bitz box today and a couple hour later I had this guy.

chopping the torso off to get to the very fancy looking surplice.

I want the other 3 members in the killteam to have the same one so it will be a little bit before the next one while I find someone to trade with.

The Hooded head fits if you cut it in half which then you will have to g/s the back

This guy is very customised using the Legs,head and Cannon from the DA upgrade kit.

The Angel on top of his armour is from a DA standard and I have added Grandt line studs to his right leg to spruce it up.

Deathwing Sergeant pt4

I ended up going a more traditional method after all going over the quick and dirty wash with Kommando Khaki highlighted with bleached bone.

The other method was great but not as easy to redo area where you make mistakes.

I need to work the metals a bit and highlight and detail his face and base him and he's done.

He was a nice distraction and I want to make my Deathwing special so I will be looking into what others have done.

I really want everyone else in hoods and surplices.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Deathwing Sergeant pt3

The chest looked off to me.

I think I made the ribbing too wide,either way it had to go.

I took the rope off the icon and moved it to the center off his chest.

It improved the model tenfold which is good because I was starting to not like it.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Deathwing Sergeant pt2

I used Ron's method that he demonstrated on From the Warp to paint this guy.

I like how it looks gritty and war torn.

I free handed a lion for his greave that came out OK,good enough not to redo anyhow.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Deathwing Sergeant pt1

Alot of Part 1's lately,that is how I work.

When I get an Inspiration I run with it.

I was going to use the mk2 chest on an Imperial Fist flamer but I thought It would be more fitting for a vet sergeant.

Since eventually I am planning on doing 5 Deathwing I decided to try out Ron's terrific Deathwing technique on this piece that I am making the Sergeant