Monday, September 3, 2012

Realm of Battle Board Tiles 4,3,2,1

The last four tiles are the valley/hill tiles
Nothing fancy painted in the same earth toones as the rest of the board.
This completes part one of my terrain project.

Part two will be an idea I got from the Forge World tile

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Realm of Battle Board Tile 5

This one took a little out of me.
I used Magic Water preformed ponds to make a bog tile with dead Chimera in the water.

I killed my dremmel cutting the forms out,I should of used the home grade routing tool ya know the Dewalt the RoB boards are tough as hell.
Then after the cuts I notice I applied one of the templates backward,arrgh.
With some creative card work and a few new cuts and I fixed the problem.
Then the pond water was supposed to be clear,which if I pulled off would of looked fantastic.
When using Realistic Water to make ponds you can only pour an 1/8 inch at a time.
Well I though I did that,poured it in so the pond had 1/8 in the bottom.
Then Gravity Happened,the bottom of the pond is not level its realistic.
It all moved to one corner now over 1/4 inch deep,when it is like that it dries cloudy,killing the effect.
To remedy I add Catachan Green to the second pour and made it a murky bog.
If I pulled it off the Chimera would of looked way cooler,the tracks would of been visible,I had cool debris in the bottom.
I used my new Dremmel to cut the Chimera at an angle so it sat deep in the pond.
I also used the tree half mold to add a couple of fallen trees,just to add a little more to the groundwork.
But in the end I am still very happy with the outcome,now I have my Mysterious Water hazard.