Friday, June 22, 2012

Paintier Rotating Paint Rack

Hey guys I just wanted to pass on the info for the Paintier rotating paint racks we all love.
When I have seen these in art supply store they are usually marked up quite a bit.
I found the site for the guy who makes them,his name is Ben and he is as straight up as anyone I have done business with.
Here is the link
I had problems with a rack and Ben when way out of his way to make sure I was 100% happy.
A real cool dude.
The great thing about these racks is that you can add to them and they hold every major type of paint we use as hobbyists.
My large rack is full of my weathering products Tamiya,Alclad,AK,Vallejo
He even has one you can order that holds 140 bottle of paint.
I bought that one at first but it is tall,for my setup it was better to have two smaller ones.
I have two Paintier 80's has room the the entire new GW range with plenty of extra spots for the old school colors too..

If you ever wondered why I paint so fast,one of the keys is having an orderly workspace.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Inquisitor Silias Hand

This is a special model.It is one half of the Black Library Daemonifuge diorama.
Practically unreleased but being true to myself I tweaked him just a bit.
The original belt buckle was just like a standard Marine.
I overlaid it with a bit I cut off of a Grey Knight chest bit,also added a couple of purity seals.
I have finished the Knights portion of this army and are now getting to the really good stuff.

The Inquisition,look out sin.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Grey Knight Justicar Thrawn

I finished up everyones favorite 40k Highlander Justicar Thrawn

The ruined helmet is supposed to be his,the first death of the evening