Sunday, November 8, 2009

Imperial Fists Assault Cannon pt2

The back story behind this guy is that he was given Biff Tundrish's geneseed.

That is why he has the spider as heraldry.

When not in terminator armor he is one of the foremost experts on heavy weapons and spends time with every squad when not attached directly to the 1st company just like Tellion does for the scouts.

I really like how the weathering turned out on him.

I used Tamiya weathering powder soot on the exhausts and barrel tip and burnt orange and burnt blue on the assault cannon to mimic heat stress.


harreh said...

The weathering on his armour and on the assault cannon look really good, especially around his greaves. Always good to see space marines that look like they've actually seen battle!

Davey said...

Got to agree with harreh, I love the way the weathering turned out

RonSaikowski said...

This guy looks great.

Mr.Esty said...

Yeah, I'm with harreh too, the weathering on the back vents is great... but the painting on the greaves is exceptional.

BigWill said...

It is a ripped piece of packageing sponge and dark flesh
applied very sparingly.
Then I hightlight the chip with the tiniest dot of bleached bone