Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hoods and Surplices

I found a company champion in my bitz box today and a couple hour later I had this guy.

chopping the torso off to get to the very fancy looking surplice.

I want the other 3 members in the killteam to have the same one so it will be a little bit before the next one while I find someone to trade with.

The Hooded head fits if you cut it in half which then you will have to g/s the back

This guy is very customised using the Legs,head and Cannon from the DA upgrade kit.

The Angel on top of his armour is from a DA standard and I have added Grandt line studs to his right leg to spruce it up.


jabberjabber said...

Nice conversion work with the head -- they can be awkward to fit in to the terminator slot.

Karitas said...

That's a nice looking mini so far, however I'd strongly suggest press molding that part rather than casting about for more bitz. it's almost perfect for the job.

corvus has recently done some here

and a google for "greenstuff press mold" should give you a video tutorial or two..

BigWill said...

I'll definitely check that out.
I am pretty sure I have another bit
to try that with.
Then again he is still in the modeling stage so I could just pop it off.

AoM said...

That model looks great. I love the head and the surplice. I may just have to "borrow" that one.