Monday, August 17, 2009

Thoughts on Space Hulk

So I wake up this morning Surprise,Surprise the mystery box was Space Hulk,
One thing about these marketing campaigns is when they go this route where they put out little to no info you tend to make the product better in your own head.
I for one was foolishly hoping for full plastic Cities of Death style interlocking tiles and unfortunately it was cardstock.
There were also no Star Trek style sliding doors or a talking battle computer named K.I.T.T.
Now do not get me wrong, I am still going to buy at least two more if I can.
But I do have to say the models for this game are spectacular.
You just have to go on the Games Workshop site and check out everything they have on the game as soon as possible.
As soon as I get the game I will being attempting the painstaking task of making each cardstock piece out of plasticard and bits.
I will being asking advice about this project as I go along such as,how tall do I make the walls?
Do I use walls?Just the floor like the card stock.
I will also be making a Pre-Heresy terminator squad and paint up the ten or so genestealers I already have.
But just so you know the Genstealers I worked on were heavily influenced by the AlienNids site.
Stay tuned for yet another project to the pile
Sons of Horus, Blood Pact, The Eisenhorn Inquisitoral Army, Ultramarines, and now Space Hulk

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