Saturday, August 29, 2009

Terminator Librarian in Progress

I have not forgotten about my Librarian.

I went a different shade of blue than the Ultras,I see Librarians as being Electric Blue.

I am still not sure on his name hence why the banner on his bannerpole is blank.

There is not much room on the banner maybe he will be Librarian Joe :)


RonSaikowski said...

Nice work on this guy, it's a great model to begin with and must be a pleasure to paint.

BigWill said...

Thanks this is definitly one of thier better sculpts.
I also was able to fit the word BLOOD on the banner so Librarian Joe will just have to wait

oni said...

Nice work. The tome is very nicely done.

BigWill said...

I love doing scriptwork on the purity seals and books such as these.