Friday, August 7, 2009

Little Horus Part Two

Here he is with a few more hours work on him.

I finished the face and filled in the script work on the scrolls.

He is now based with a Chaos warrior skull and slate from the basing kit.

I have also been working on the Sergeant and two Battle Brothers.

They will be more presentable next time.


Pacific said...

Great stuff! I like the commanding and stern expression on his face (you can certainly imagine the similarity to Horus!), and you've done a nice job with the armour!

Rabidchild said...

I've always been on the fence about back-banners, but this model just screams for one.

The face and the basing really bring it together. Hmm, a pre-heresy squad or character based on an Oath of the Moment would be a cool theme.. I may have to try that myself.

BigWill said...

Thed back banner is already going on the sarge.
A capt has someone carry his banner for him