Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Little Horus Aximand

There is a Pre-Heresy Squad competition on my favorite website "The Great Crusade"

I am going to enter a 4 man plus Sergeant squad backed up with an HQ.

The HQ in question will be none other than Little Horus Aximand

I used one of the Chaptermasters bodies, a space wolf sword,and a Rouge Trader era bolter.

I used the same head as I did on my Horus model , the bare head from the Chaos termie Lord.

He still needs fine touches but C&C is welcome.


Rabidchild said...

Nice! I was just saying a couple days ago that if I made a warhammer 30k army it would be Luna Wolves. The face is an excellent choice and the freehand is sharp! A more subtle note is the color of the armor, which seems like it would be difficult to find. It makes a good canvas for the details.

BigWill said...

Finding the perfect Sons of Horus green is a passion of mine.
The color is vallejo Light Sea Grey with Bronze Green 50/50
Then with just LSG leaving the darker color in the recesses...
I think it matches the Index Astartes article perfectly.