Sunday, August 2, 2009

Archon Urlock Gaur

This model was always made for greatness.

It was originally The Pan-Pacific Tyrant Narthan Dume for a contest.

It didn't win but ,I still liked using the Mecha steed.

Now I am going to use it to represent the Supreme HQ Archon Urlock Gaur.

He has a gun arm from the old Obliterators,head from the skeleton warriors,and steed and body from the WF master engineer.

I guess he is going to need a command squad to go with him.


Rabidchild said...

Wow, just wow. The glare is hiding some of the detail I think, but this is a fascinating idea.

BigWill said...

I do not know whether to leave him Purple like a Royal color.
Or to make him Red like the other Members.

Rabidchild said...

Red for sure, maybe some rust in the mechanical bits from all the blood the Pact put on everything. Does he have a close combat weapon?

BigWill said...

There must be one in there somewhere :)