Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sons of Horus Battle Brother 2

This is the second bolter brother of the squad.

I used the Forgeworld MK4 upgrade with a Chaos topknot.

The Bolter and Backpack are from an old weapon sprue that they stopped making a when the stopped doing mailorder.

I bought $100 worth of them they had 3 Bolters,backpacks,Shoulderguards and knives.

All the of the same style as seen in the Horus Hersey artwork.

He also has a Davin Battle Honor along with his Company Marking on his greaves.

His bolter sports the Eye of Horus symbols and marking showing 250 kills with that particular bolter.

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Rabidchild said...

The topknot really picks this guy up and slams him into the cover of a Horus Heresy book. All the little details visually balance and the base color is very nice as usual. Inspiring work.