Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Space Hulk"Mystery of the Bases Solved"

I just received my game today and wanted to put to rest once and for all the question on Basing these guys.

I used the Brother Claudio due to his wide stance.

I put him on top of a small square, small round and medium round bases.

I also have shown him on the medium base on a corridor tile.

He fits just fine.

Does the base extend past the drawn on floor grating? a little,but so what.
My Terminators will be going on proper Termie sized bases.
(Edit it was pointed out to me that 5 Termie bases would not fit on the peice.)
So I guess it is magnetized/small base.


Agama said...

Great to see mate. Thanks.

IAMANAME said...

Ha Ha. "Wide Stance."

BigWill said...

LMAO Tap Tap Tap Brother Sergio is that you?

Dezartfox said...

Yeah but with 40mm you can't actually line all 5 terminators next to each other on the tiles..

BigWill said...

You are correct only 4 will fit on that corridor.
It is either little round or none at all.
They do seem pretty sturdy.
It would take a good strong nudge to make them fall over

the other Kevin said...

Can always magnetize the bases.

Akozz said...

I guess it ok. Im thinking of makinf 3d space hulk modular terrain with 40mm tiles :P this should fix the problem lol

BigWill said...

Akozz that is my goal too.
I plan on making the gameboard in plastic at somepoint.
Not true 3-D, but kind of like a cities of death floor.

Akozz said...

Check my blog, You will find some useful links there about 3d space hulk terrain :P

BigWill said...

I'd love to but I cannot see your profile,
which blog is yours?

Akozz said...

http://akozz-wh40k.blogspot.com/ :)

BigWill said...

Wow you were not lying about useful links.
You guys need to check his blog out.

added to list

Rab said...

Have you considered 30mm bases? I think that's what I'm going to use for my SH terminators. You can get some nice decking effect resin ones off ebay (search 'DS Sulaco') with the rounded warmachine bases, or plain GW-style ones, too.