Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sons of Horus Squad

Here is the Sons of Horus squad I am entering into the Pre-Heresy Squad contest over at The Great Crusade

I have little Horus leading a squad with a Sergeant,4 Bolter Brothers, and a Special weapons
Troop with a Pre-Heresy Missile Launcher with a paint job straight out of Rouge Trader


Angelic_Despot said...

They look magnificent! I've been following your pictures as these as you've put them up.

I love the Heresy period and admire all the work people do on recreating it.

Your squad looks just great.

Good luck!

BigWill said...

Glad to hear it.
Thanks for the kind words and be sure to join the site The Great Crusade which is a fantstic Pre-Heresy site I am a member of.

Pacific said...

Awesome work mate! I love the RT missile launcher, and the teeth on it is an awesome little touch and another nod to the RT era stylings!

Best of luck in the comp! ^^