Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blood Angels Terminator Chaplain Sarduchi

Here is Chaplain Sarduchi in all his glory.

I need to base him for Space Hulk as he will be a stand-in for Lorenzo when the urge strikes me.
Can anyone guess his first name?


Bryan said...

The freehand on the shield is very good.

Squirrel_Fish said...

Great work overall, although I feel that the golds could use a little more depth to them. A wash or two might bring those out?

BigWill said...

Belive it or not IRL the skull is so deep it is almost bronze.
Once I add the highlights it will make it pop.

Anonymous said...

Guido, naturally.

And nice chappy :D

oni said...

Nice. I love the Chaplain in terminator armour model.

BigWill said...

It's one of my all time favorite Sculpts too.
I just had to use it as an excuse to buy another :)