Monday, February 14, 2011

Making realistic tank hulls

This is a technique I picked up from Fine Scale Modeler Magazine.

US armor during WWII has a rough cast texture to anything that was not flat plates such as the body and turret.

Using the thin Testors Plastic Cement(the one with little nail polish brush inside)coat the area you want to have texture.

Using the little brush on the cap start stippling where you put the layer of glue.

After a couple of passes you get a really authentic looking turrets and chassis.

This will look really good on a Leman Russ and of course any of the DUST Bots.

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Couple of Recon Rangers

I am in the process of finishing my Dust Tactics models using the real Dust water slide decals.

I changed from winter white to a more authentic brown-violet overcoat.

I am going to give everybody the star in circle with the Sarges getting their stripes.

The US Ranger Tab is hand painted however

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

WW2 Historical M26 Pershing Pt 2

Here is the finale of the M26 Pershing.

Do not tell me why but I felt the need to work on my water slide technique which I think I got down.

I think WW2 models work better when you use real decals as opposed to paint,but Micro Sol and Set are a must.

Since putting a gloss layer is part of the regular painting process anyhow, the transfers fit right in.

A layer of gloss to hide the decal seams and the Dullcote to bring it back to a matte finish.

I used a 80/20 mix of Tamiya X-20 thinner and Tamiya Buff for a dusting of the lower chassis followed by a light dusting of Europe dust and Industrial Dirt