Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stalk Tank Pt 2

Here is a mostly completed Stalk Tank.

This is my best Garbage into Gold conversion I have ever made.

This was a scrap model that was thrown in as a bonus for a lot I bought a while ago.

I refurbished it for a Blood Pact army I am making for a real cool guy.

This model has showed me how useful a defiler kit can actually be and I plan on picking one up and building the entire thing from scratch for the one I plan to use for my army.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Blood Pact Stalk Tank in Progress

I am making this stalk tank out of an old wrecked defiler I had sitting around for a commission.

I love how it came out and plan on continuing using this design for even my own army.

I designed it so it could run with as a Leman Russ with plasma cannon.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Games Day 2010 coverage

I just got back from Games Day.
It was not as huge as I thought, but was very well done.
For Us Pre-Heresy Type ForgeWorld has no plans on Stopping with what we have seen so far.
They have said they are coming out with both Pre-Heresy Terminators and Dreds.

Seems GW and Forgeworld kind of taken notice of how well certain after market bits sell and would like some of the pie too.

The Badab War book comes out really soon.
I did'nt ask but I think in a few weeks they are putting out the Badab Book with the Librarian Honor guard.
Did I forget to mention all the hidden pics are of a really cool Libraian in MK4 and his Honor Guard all in Relic Armor.
The second book comes out around Christmas

The Ultramarine movie will be out this year and looks a whole lot better than the teaser trailer.
I have a pic of a screenshot they made into an advert.

I also spoke with Dan Abnett who said The next Guant's Book comes out next year.
And he also plans on starting the new Eisenhorn trilogy next year as well.
Like he said, first will be a short story book about Eisenhorn and company.

There was a new advert for Space Marine that was geared for people who were not as familiar to GW which was cool.
And the First Race for the MMO was laid out with a longer video.
I got to say game play looks kind of cool.
The Imperium of Man
Imperial Guard,Ad-Mech,Space Marines

Friday, August 13, 2010

Loxatl commission

My client wanted me to make Lozatl that count as Ogryn.

I used the lizardman mounts as the base.

A grenade launcher for the cannon and plastic rod for the bandoleer.

I like how they came out,they seem to work without me having to do a lot of g/s work.

As soon as I get the final ok I will start painting him up.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sons of Horus Justaerin for sale

I have been spending the last three weeks moving all my stuff out of the basement and into my new hobby room.
which means I have been playing Solomon quite a bit in deciding what to Keep what to sell and what to toss.

I came across this great 6 man Terminator unit I made a few years back when I first got bit by the Pre-Heresy bug.

It is Abaddon and 5 of his Justaerin converted to be wearing Cataphract style Terminator armor.

I found them sitting in an old GW caring case and I think it is time to give these guys a better home.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Creed and Kell of the Blood Pact Pt.2

Here they are just about finished.

Kells banner came out really cool with a blood saturated cloth effect I acheived using a gloss varnish then spraying with dullcote while the gloss varnish was still wet.

It gave it a satin sheen,really cool in my opinion.
The brass was basecoated with VMG bronze and then giving a watery wash of VMC Verdi-Gris glaze.

The bases are basecoated in Chardon Granite and then Tamiya Mud weathering compact is applied wet.