Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial (Terrain Boards)

You ain't getting it every tuesady,but starting this week at least once a month,hopefull more I will post a tutorial of sorts.
Might be buying bargin supplies,a paint sceme,pretty much it will involve whatever I am working on at the moment.
Case in point last night I get home from work to find the Forge World Realm of Battle board on the stoop
So today it is time to prep it.
When I first looked at it my initial reaction is huh,detail in the ground work looks like it came from Russia but I am not worried.
The extra detail like the pillboxes and hanger were fine just the ground.
But I am reasonable sure it is meant to be flocked over and not used raw.
I bought fine and medium ballast at a model railroad shop along with a small bag of talus(small rocks) and add them all into the same container,this is the dirt mix.
I broke the board up into 6 imaginary sections and worked on one at a time to make sure the glue stayed fresh.
Starting at one corner I would lay some Original Tacky Glue onto where I want dirt.
I would dip the corner of the brush in water to help spread the glue and proceed to spread the glue out evenly.
Once spread cover the whole thing with a large pile of dirt mix and push lightly with your hand.
Tip the board over in a box cover to remove the excess.
Repeat this until the entire board is covered,use a damp paper towel to remove dirt from any detail that you do not want it on.

Then using Scenic Cement I liberally sprayed the enitre ground work being careful not to let it pool.
Once dryed for a couple of hours I resprayed it again.
Two layers of this with the primer layer will lock everthing down good and tight.
Be sure to flush the spray bottle immedately after spraying using warm soapy water or you will wreck the sprayer.

Now let this dry overnight before priming.

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Inquisition "The Retinue" Pt1

When it came to the Inquisitors Retinue I kind of got out of hand,they number over 50 now.
But to Kick them off my first batch of Assassin models.
I would like to do them all and maybe make a couple of unoffical ones that were in Nemesis.

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Inquisition...Let's Begin

Hey everybody long time no see.
It's been a while since my last post,I have alot to show you guys.
I was working on my modest Grey Knights army until I got to the Inquisitor,then things started getting out of hand.
The retinue is getting quite large now at least 50 strong.
Truth be told I have been wanting to do the Inquisition proper since I first started modeling,since it was the Eisenhorn Omnibus that got me back into 40k in the first place.
I plan on making many Inquisitors and thier retinues,possibly even a evil Radical when the starter cultists come out.
So to start with a bang some of the retinue I have lifted from Dan Abnetts various Inquisitor books.
Without further ado

Harlon Nayl

Kara Swole

Godwyn Fishig

Zeph Mathuin

Inquisitor Golesh Constatin Pheppos Heldane



Alisebeth Bequin