Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kalus Ekaddon Capt of the Catulan Reavers

I am going back to my roots.

I am in the slow process of starting a Sons of Horus army.

I am starting with a small assault squad that will also have options to use them as raptors too if I want to play em as Chaos.

I am using the Forgeworld Mk3 kit to model them as kickass brutal assault troops that would make a World Eater think twice.

Friday, March 18, 2011

The finished walkers

I have been quiet lately.

There has been alot of stuff on my plate and I had to put most of my modeling on hold for a month or so.

I think its good for a mini painter to take a break for a month or so every now an then.

I like to save it for May-July.

But I did have time to finish painting most of my Dust Tactics board game.

I am a painter not much of a gamer so I will be probably selling my game as a supreme deluxe version complete with realistic barricades and a M-26 Pershing and Early model Tiger.

Here are a few shots of the American walkers.