Saturday, May 30, 2009

Harlon Nayl

For a long time I have been wracking my brain how to model Harlon from the Eisenhorn/Ravenor series.
Well since I have started on Eisenhorn,I have an eye out toward the Inquisition now and will add that to my Guard Force too.
Or should I say the Inquisition adds the Guard to it.
I decided to paint up my Assassins and the first one I started working on was this Skullz exclusive Imperial Assassin.
I love this model to death and you can legally use him as Callidus,Eversor,or Vindicare because it just says assassin it doesn't differentiate.
But remembering Harlon was described in the Ravenor books as wearing a bodyglove when at work I realised I had the perfect model all along.
He has a big gun and a pistol in holder,sword and many pouches to keep his lockpicking gear.
He can count as a Warrior in the Inquisitors warband or even still stay as an Assassin to emphasize the nature that Harlon Nayl is just a Badass.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Inquisitor Eisenhorn

This is what I've been working on this weekend in between work and Memorial Day parties.

Inquisitor Eisenhorn using the great coat commander body,A Cadian vet head, and the standard from the chaos rouge psyker banner.

I still need to add a shoulderpad on the right shoulder and put a little psycannon on it as well.
(Which has since been added)

This will end up being part of a large Inquisitor warband.

And will go well with the Cherubael I had scuplted a while ago

Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Tutorial:Chogoris County Choppers

Here is a tutorial on how I make my Choppers for my White Scars
1)Assemble chassis and wheels then cut off the front wheel be careful to make it flush
2)Use your hobby knife to make guide holes in the center where the spokes will go then drill them out using a bit slighly larger than the rod you will use
3) Cut a notch behind the spokes on the chassis and using pliers bend them up
bent up, you only need to bring the spokes up a little bit to make the bike even
4) Take your plastic rod and cut two equal pieces about an 1" to 1" 1/4 long you can also use the plastic protectors that come with a new paintbrush
5) Put plastic glue on the end of one side of the rods and insert them into the holes made in the chassis spokes and let dry completely make sure they are even and line up straight at this point
6) Then put glue on the other side of the spokes and put them into the hole you made in the wheel spokes
7) Add handlebars,bottom and faring and you are done

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rolling Thunder

I am going to have four different Leman Russes for this army.

I have a bare bones Russ with No Sponsons,Battle/Las Cannon.

A scratch built Vanquisher

I need to still assemble.

A Forgeworld Ryza Vanquisher on a Mars Pattern Hull

One of the new ones with all options magnetized when the new kit comes out this summer.
I believe every vehicle should have alot of gear on it.

The first two tanks I made use of just GW parts but I have since acquired Tamiya accessories for the two others when I make them.

I painted these two the same grey as my Valkyrie,Dark grey base,Dark Sea Grey airbrushed leaving a bit of dark grey showing in recesses and panel lines

The lower portion was weathered with Tamiya weathering powder(mud,sand,light sand)

Valkyrie Now

You know you all loved that scene from Apocalypse Now, where the Air Cav came in and blew the hell out of everything.
Now with the new Valkyrie kit the average gamer can now afford to field Air Cav armies.
There is a lot of detail on this kit and with the exception of the base everything fit perfectly
The Slot where the base fits into needs to be widened or the shaft sanded either or.
I painted my first one for the lancers VMC Dark Sea Grey over VMC Dark Grey using an airbrush.
The chips and scratches were hand painted with VMC black grey underlined with Skull White applied with natural sea sponge and a 0 round brush.
I copied the nose art from a old WWII pin-up and embellished it to kind of look like a SOB.
I call her "The Flying Nun"

Monday, May 18, 2009

Been a Long Time

I am going to try to get this blog thing back on track.
I have always been working on Various Pre-Heresy armies,I love them so much I can never stick with one.
But I have gotten sucked in to the new Guard armies and I have to admit,I really like building and painting non-power armored armies.
And I discovered I have a real knack for painting Armor.
I have started researching different Fine Scale Modeling sites using the techniques used to recreate historical photo-realistic WWII replicas.
In fact I am building an Army right now that has a retro WWII theme to it.
The First Merican Lancers "The Big Red One."
The Merican Fusiliers were mentioned as being part of Lord Solar Macharius Army and the Lancers are the speartip of that army.
The Big Red Ones being one of the last of the ancient regiments one of the old One-Hundred.
This will be a sizable fast attack armored force that is geared for extended conflict everyone is carrying alot of gear.
The armor is loaded with ammo boxes,packs,and miscellaneous gear.