Wednesday, September 30, 2009

T-minus Five

One of my friends over at The Great Crusade asked me to do a commission of a Deathstrike Launcher.

I found the Perfect sized missile using a 1/48th scale WWII V-2 rocket.

I added a targeter with Dragonforge's power cables and Fuel lines using rod and a old flamer bit.
I now have to make the cradle and mount for the chimera.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Brother Leon

I've been quiet for a week or so.

I did a Terminator for Jawaball's Termie Competition so he will be shown once that contest is over.

Here is my Brother Leon I had half finished for a while.

I used Burnt Blue, Burnt Red and Soot Tamiya weathering powders to the barrel to give it a
realistic heat scorched effect.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Great Improvised Wet Palette

I was painting the other day after eating lunch from McDonald's.

I was using the cup to hold my water for rinsing the brushes out and the top as a palette.
I was using the side that faces toward the drink to hold the paint.

30 minutes into painting I had to run to the store real quick.

Not really thinking about it I put the top back onto the cup filled with water.

When I came back a hour later the paint was still usable, the water in the cup acting as a wet palette.

While it does not last as long as a true wet palette it does help during those situations where you
get dragged away from your painting for short periods of time.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Great Crusade's short story contest

There is a great contest going on over at The Great Crusade.

A Pre-Heresy/Heresy era short story competition judged by none other than Black Library's own

Nick Kyme.

The rules are simple

-The story has to be set in the Pre-Heresy/Heresy Era

-1000 words or less.

-Only 1 story per person

-All submissions have to be in by December 31st 2359 GMT time

Last years contest was judged by Dan Abnett and all the stories can be found here

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Brother Claudio

This guy is one of my favorites Brother Claudio.
He has a great Wolverinesque pose
He also has the hardest heraldry to reproduce
I have it like the studio on the knee and shoulder
Like all the others he needs fine detailing which I am going to do all at once.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sergeant Gideon

Here is the progress I am making on the other Sergeant.

I made him younger than Lorenzo with blond hair reminiscent of their Primarch.

My lighting effect is a silver base with an Ice Blue wash.

Then free handed bolts with white after which I gave it a Asurmen Blue wash.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blood Angels Terminator Chaplain Sarduchi

Here is Chaplain Sarduchi in all his glory.

I need to base him for Space Hulk as he will be a stand-in for Lorenzo when the urge strikes me.
Can anyone guess his first name?

Sergeant Lorenzo

Here is the progress I am making on my Space Hulk pieces.

I am kind of batch painting them a few at a time doing all the basecoat,red primer coat,blacking out the metallics and so on.

Now I am at the stage where I am taking individuals and working them to completion.

Sergeant Lorenzo is the first to reach this stage.

I still need to rework the gemstones and highlights but I tried to be similar to the 'Evy Metal paintjob but with enough of my personal touches to make em mine.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Pre-Heresy Squad Competion

My Sons of Horus squad is in a Contest over at The Great Crusade a site dedicated to the Pre-
Heresy Era up to and including the Horus Heresy and Scouring

There are a couple of other really good squads too.

If you have the time please head over to the site and vote for your favorite.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sons of Horus Squad

Here is the Sons of Horus squad I am entering into the Pre-Heresy Squad contest over at The Great Crusade

I have little Horus leading a squad with a Sergeant,4 Bolter Brothers, and a Special weapons
Troop with a Pre-Heresy Missile Launcher with a paint job straight out of Rouge Trader

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Space Hulk"Mystery of the Bases Solved"

I just received my game today and wanted to put to rest once and for all the question on Basing these guys.

I used the Brother Claudio due to his wide stance.

I put him on top of a small square, small round and medium round bases.

I also have shown him on the medium base on a corridor tile.

He fits just fine.

Does the base extend past the drawn on floor grating? a little,but so what.
My Terminators will be going on proper Termie sized bases.
(Edit it was pointed out to me that 5 Termie bases would not fit on the peice.)
So I guess it is magnetized/small base.