Thursday, February 9, 2012

Merican Lancers Chassis Number 10 finished

I sure do like to jump around this is number 10 the Punisher.
I even found "Punisher" decals on the dust decal sheet.
This one is an infantry support tank so I gave him fenders for the troops to ride on.
More packs than boxes,ammo cans,that sort of thing.


Warhammer In Progress said...

Seriously! some of the best weathering effects I have ever seen. New to the site, but if you have a tutorial on how you arrive at these results it would be greatly appreciated.

The GunGrave said...

Awesome work! Would love to see the whole company together when they're done!!

Will Wright said...

Patenice GunGrave I just hit Halfway with 10 ;)
I also have to crank out a platoon/chimera/Sentinel squad/baneblade in addition to the tanks for a proper army.

Will Wright said...

I use the techniques from the AFV community
Maybe I should make a DVD.
You can get the majority of the techniques from the FAQ2 book I show on the last post for tank 2.
You can buy it from AK Interactive,I use ALOT of AK and MIG products.
Infact only the stowage on these tanks are painted with GW paint.
The Majority of it is Tamiya,because this is mostly airbrush work and Tamiya is awesome paint for an airbrush,when thinned with Lacquer Thinner.
That is because Tamiya is a Lacquer Hybrid paint and not acrylic like adverstised,that is why you can thin with alcohol but water gums it up

Mordian7th said...

Absolutely beautiful - I'm really enjoying this series, the tanks are just spectacular and the weathering work is excellent. I really need to take a crack at weathering my models, at the moment I go with the 'fresh of the factory room floor' look, which I would imagine means it should be relatively simple to weather them up from there. Keep up the fantastic work!

Will Wright said...

Fresh from the factory is what I call a basecoat ;)