Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Merican Lancer Command Vanquisher Primaris

Here is my pride and joy Tank number One.
I knew this being a Terran raised regiment they would have close ties to Mars.
That is why I went with the Mars/Ryza combo for this tank.
The Ryza turret is buy far my favorite with the co-axial heavy stubber.
I improved on this by using a 1:24 scale metal German aircraft machine gun barrel.
The turret, I used styrene sheet and brass etch sprue to make brackets for the Panzer style turret shield.
I have painted it and it is ready for the Winter camo treatment.


Da Masta Cheef said...

I love the spaced armor on the rear of the turret!

Astartes said...

It's looking great, I love your Merican project and the fluff you came up with :]

Hope to see some kill markings on the barrel of the Vanquisher. You def. know what you're doing though so I'm sure the finished product will be excellent