Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Merican Lancers "Fortress Merica"

I've said a few times I do not actually play 40k.
Nothing at all against it,just nothing close,lack of time,yadda,yadda.
But oddly enough I had both the Bastion and Shrine kits sitting there doing nothing.
Once I had the idea to merge the kits,I could not resist making a small terrain piece.
This is the Lancers Forward Listening Post,dropped by large transport to refuel and rearm the forward force in the field.
The fuel truck I made a ways back would go with this piece.
The base is two sheets of 1mm plasticard welded together with a smaller third piece,covered with medium ballast and some homemade barbed wired to accent the piece.
I swapped out the front and rear bolters with rotary assault cannon and added Typhoon launcher covering the front door.

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Warhammer In Progress said...

Super mice work, love everything about it. Will be throwing you a shout out on my blog if you don't mind.