Thursday, February 16, 2012

Heresy Workshops hits 100,000

My blog reached a big milestone for me today.
Heresy Workshop has achieved 100,000 views.
Wow,A big thank you from me,I guess someone out there likes my models.
This year starts with the Terran Imperial Guard Regiment the Merican Lancers.
This will be my focus for the next couple of months.
The tank company is starting to get wrapped up with just three more tanks to do.
Then I want to work on the mobile command Baneblade which will be a repaint and refit of my old Sons of Horus Fellblade.
As soon as I finish the Russes however I am going to do an UltraMarine one-off in honor of Know No Fear,one of the best Horus Heresy books to date.


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Ron Saikowski said...

Congrats on the milestone. Now let's see 200,000!