Friday, February 17, 2012

Merican Lancer Chassis Number One Finished

I have finally finished tank one the Primaris.
The Lancers being a Terran raised regiment have close ties with Mars.
That is my reasoning behind using the Mars chassis and Ryza Turret.
I added AK Interactive lenses for the Light and Targeter on the left side of the turret and one for the laser designator on the right side of the turret.
I replaced the co-ax heavy stubber with a turned brass 1:24 scale German machine gun barrel.
I used sheet styrene and bits of brass etch sprue to make the Panzer style turret shield

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Ron Saikowski said...

I think my single favorite accent on the whole thing is the set of spare tracks that are rusted and attached to the turret.
They provide a bit of contrast to the light colored tank and are really nice.
Good job.

Ron, FTW