Thursday, February 16, 2012

Merican Lancer Chassis Number 6 finished

I finished up tank number 6 the "Corpus Ferrum"
I used Alclad II polished aluminum for the recoil effect on the barrel.


Mordian7th said...

Simply gorgeous!

oink said...

Sounds simple, but I really like the chain that has been chucked onto the back... strangely it adds a level of "free form" that you dont get from the solid bits of stowage. I've spent ages toiling over how to add interesting stowage to my tanks ... with so many its important to add character to each ... but I've never thought of that, I like it and will be using it in the future!! thanks!

Will Wright said...

No problem
Each tank is unique in regards to stowage.
That was a beautiful accident,I was trying to string up the chain like you normally see,got it through the eyeholes and the phone rang.
I just threw the ends on top like that while I answered the phone.
Came back and said the same thing you did,damn that looks good like that.
Then I just glued it down ;)