Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Merican Lancers Fellblade into Baneblade Restoration

I resurrected an old Sons of Horus Fellblade that has been sitting in a drawer for almost three years.
Funny I was so proud of the Fellblade at the time,it was one of the first vehicles that I started weathering with,back when weathering was hitting the rivets with Devlin Mud.
Didn't realise at the time but there were a few shanks to the build.
I removed the autocannon and replaced with cut down HW team lascannon
I really shanked the back right track gluing one of them backwards,so I removed,cleaned the glue residue and reattached.
The link was damaged doing this so I added detail to the side visible.
I removed all the Chaos stuff with left me with alot of missing rivets that I reattached using .030 plastic rod cut into studs.
Then I sanded them lightly to get them more uniform to the existing rivets
You know it took a long,long time to remove all the Aquillas for the Fellblade.
Using FW brass I put them, back on.

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