Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Merican Lancers Baneblade Command HQ

I worked my magic all day yesterday,to resurrect the Machine Spirit of this Ancient Vehicle.
You can say I am the John Edwards of Mars.
I didn't go too crazy,added some stowage,not too much as it is easy to over do.
Used some tricks to make them look more substantial like covering some with a tarp made from tissue and PVA.
Gives the illusion of a lot more going on in there,I also do not need to strap them down,the straps are under the tarp :)
I used two radar dishes from the Marine Vehicle Sprue to give this tank command level comms.
I also used a 1:32 metal machine gun barrel to add a co-ax heavy stubber as well.
I do not want the turret obstructed with the Real Heavy Stubber since I found this great model to ride on top.
If you know the model it even has the proper style "1" on his left shoulder molded right on as a badge,he was destined to lead these guys.
But when you model General MacArthur's pipe on him,it may be time for the 12 step meetings.


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