Saturday, July 25, 2009

Blood Pact Heavy Flamer

This is my "Animal Mother" style of Blood Pact made from Catachan parts.

This is the guy from the Ritual Scarring tutorial so this is what the finished product looks like when using a hot knife to make scars.

I rubbed on some soot weathering powder on his arms and hands because lets face it Flamers are dirty weapons.

I have two more left to paint then I am out of heads until I get more in the mail.


Rabidchild said...

I love that soot! It's exactly what I'm looking for for my tank and it'd look great on my Pacters. I was leaning that way before, but now I'm going to buy some pigments for sure. I've heard shaved pastels work just as well as the expensive stuff. Is that true in your experience?

The barbed wire armband works very well, though I would like to see some blood under it, especially with all the red scars.

The hot knife scars are brilliant, as are the two different reds you've employed here. You've also somehow managed to make the catachan arms look proportionate. This is my favorite model yet, keep it up!

Will Wright said...

I heard chaulk pastels work just as good too.
I even have a whole set of them,but I still turn to the weathering powders because I had them first and I love em to death.
I use Tamiya Powders but I have heard Mig blows them out the water.
Pastels seem to be good for a dusty effect
but the tamiya powder also smears which the pastels don't seem to do.
Your absolutely right about the armband it needs blood good catch.
I think the problem with the Catachan arms is Catchan heads are small.
The bigger gasmask heads makes the arms look normal