Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ritual Scarification

I have a found an easy way to replicate the blood pacts ritual scarring that every member goes through on initiation into the Pact.

For Cadians you only have the flesh of the hands but Catachan gives you alot more skin to scar.

What I've done is take a small paperclip,pin and heat it up the quickly and lightly poke a few shallow marks into the hand just enough to mark up the hand.

You can also heat up your hobby blade and lightly press against the arm and hand for realistic scars and gouges.

Then paint up as usual I have used dwarf flesh here with scab red wounds.


Rabidchild said...

Thank you! Thankyouthankyouthankyou! Genius! What effect are provided by heating up the tool? Could it be done simply with a sharp blade?

BigWill said...

I'm thinking Thin blade is the ideal way to go.
I stumbled onto this technique,my demo charge guy had some mishap on the back of his hand that caused pitting.
When painting the pits held red paint perfectly.

So I though if I damage the hand pin a hot pin it would cause nice nasty scars.
And when making this little tute I used the xacto to make small slices that look to be perfect scars.
So the next one I do will infact be straight hot knife on the hands and not a pin.

BigWill said...

I forgot to answer the first question.
I find heating up the tool makes rounded edges on the scar.
It also is easier to apply