Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blood Pact Troop 3

Here is the third of the standard rank and file riflemen for the squad.

I used Black-Red as a base instead of Dark Flesh for the fatigues.
And again I used a glaze of Green-Bronze and Verdi-Gris for the Brass portions of his armor.
I also used a slight touch of weathering powder on the base and on his boots.
Next will be a melta troop who is just about done.


Rabidchild said...
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Rabidchild said...

The eyes are a great contrast to the rest of the model. They really bring the visual center to his face, where it should be.

The metal parts look more green than your others, and it's of a brightness that pushes towards the "christmas effect" of equal intensity reds and greens next to each other. Maybe a few more dark washes would tone it back down.

(Didn't mean to delete my first post, sorry.)