Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blood Pact Autocannon Team

This is my HW upgrade for the squad an autocannon team.

My dedicated HW teams are going to be Lascannons but this is for the times I want a HW
upgrade for my Infantry Squad.

I went with autocannon to maximize the squads antipersonnel firepower with enough kick to
crack light armor, I'll leave the tanks to the lascannons and meltas.

I have modeled them behind Hastily improvised cover to make them part of a squad on the
move rather than model more permanent emplacement such as sandbags or tarantulas.


Karitas said...

I like that a lot, nice use of the orky backpack too, the rounds look like they might even be the right calibre :)

Rabidchild said...

I think the most exciting things about these two are the rust on the barrels and the razor wire. That's not to say the rest of it isn't great, I'm fond of the contrast between the metal helmet and the black grotesk, for example.

The razor wire on the spotter's backpack is a great detail. I'm working on rust right now so I'm curious how you achieved the rust effect on the barrels. You also have my admiration for placing the tripod the right way around. :) I wouldn't want to fight the recoil from an AC with only one back leg like I see so many people model these.

A minor critique is the gunner's grips should attach to the autocannon a bit lower, under the lip on the lower part.

Keep up the good work!

The Inner Geek said...

Great work. The detail on the bases as well as the minis looks fantastic!

BigWill said...

For the Rusty Barrels I tried a few things on them.
First I basecoated boltgun metal
then used a Hairspray saltmask on it.
Then I airbrushed US olive drab and removed the salt to show the steel underneath.
I went heavy on the removal more steel than green at the end.
The a very thin stipple of Beastal Brown,vermin brown,with a few light patches of Firey Orange.
The next time I rust something up I'll make a small ttorial.

Techpriest said...


What brand of razor wire did you use?

BigWill said...

GW razor wire