Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blood Pact Demo Charge

This is one of the special squad models.

This is a Pacter tossing an improvised demo charge using a flamer tank with grenades strapped

to it.

I used the good old sponge to paint on chipped steel paint on the tanks.

GW really should come out with a hand sprue it is so hard to find good guard hands to use.

Marines too,they could hand pointy hands,fist hands,knife hands,ect.


Rabidchild said...

Great weathering. I just used the same technique on my tank, but it's more impressive here with the high contrast between red and steel. I know what you mean about the hands, the heavy weapon and vehicle sprues are a good source of alternate hands for me.

Pacific said...

Cheers Will, finally I now have a use for all those flamer canisters I have lying about!

Great pose on this guy, he looks great.

Karitas said...

Sneay blood pact been watching Larks and Brostin and thier "airburst special" huh?

really nice model, like it a lot :)

for my demo charge guys I used the Ork landmines, I'm regretting that now :)

davetaylor said...

I love that you're churning these out, a new guy every other day or so. Keep up the good work!

BigWill said...

@Rabidchild Just wait til I do thier first tank ;)

@Pacific Long time no see,yeah I have a ton of canisters too.Alot of vox packs too.

@Karitas The Blood Pact are nothing if not some of the finest soldiers in the galaxy.
They may be Evil but that makes them even more hard as nails.

@davetalyor Thats my goal to crank out at least a guy a week.
A little eaiser when I batch these guys up,since they all share the same pallete.
Is the truck part PDF ready yet?
I see these guys in troop trucks not chims

John Lambshead said...

Oh, that is clever. Great idea.