Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blood Pact Grenade Launcher

Here is the grenade launcher troop.

Pretty standard with a bit of soot on the barrel(not sure if that's accurate,would a GL have soot?)

I freehanded a Khorne blessing in blood on his left shoulderguard.

Just one last guy left until I exhaust the Maxmini heads.


Rabidchild said...

I really like the hand painted symbols on his shoulders, nice work. His fatigues look like they have less depth than his squad mates. Did you do something different with him? As for the GL, I think barrel soot is powder from the explosions that lauch projectiles. So while a GL would fire fewer projectiles than say a machinegun, I think there could still be build up over time. Plus it looks good.

BigWill said...

Yeah I forgot the Fething Brown wash stage before my red washes :)

Good catch,I am going to to some fine tuning when they are all complete ie lasersights on lasguns
I might highlight all the high edges and give another red wash to tie together