Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Brass Thief

There was one villain in Ravenor Returned that I saw instantly as soon as I saw the possessed sprues.

The Brass Thief who took Zeph Mathuns life.
I painted him quite a while ago,about when the new Chaos stuff came out.

I finally based him similar to my other Inquisition stuff(marble tile ruins)

He could be put to good use as a Deamonhost,maybe Eisenhorn didn't just stop with Cherubael ;)

I have always kind of seen Eisenhorn as unknowingly going down the exact same Road as Quixos.

Which is what the Bequin trilogy will probably be about.

On an unrelated show my age geek moment,Sweet Jesus Palimino

The sequel to Tron !!!!!


John Lambshead said...

This is an interesting interpretation. I imagined him as a much brighter metallic being. It's amazing how the reader is part of the creative process in a book.

BigWill said...

This was how I pictured him when I read the book the first time.
Since the reread you are absolutly correct he was shiney and did not even have a face,it was described as featurless with just eyeslits(like Pre-Heresy Kharn)
But The Corrosion adds something.
TBH he may end up getting reworked since I would not have to strip him since he already has a great basecoat.