Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blood Pact Flamer Troop

Nothing clears out vermin from cover like the Flamer for the infantry squad.

I like this model, a nice no-frills unit is a nice change of pace from heavy conversions.
I have the complete squad modeled now including an awesome Icon/Banner bearer.


Rabidchild said...

Excellent paint chipping on the fuel tanks. I like the contrast between the red on them and the red of the uniform. I love the metal effect you have on his armor. Layers of washes over a metallic base? Keep it up, I'm looking forward to a group shot.

BigWill said...

For my Brass
I use a VMC Bronze basecoat
Followed by Brown and Ogryn Flesh washes
Then a watered down layer of VMC Bronze-Green
For Steel I use Chainmail basecoat
the black wash followed by a blue/black wash.
Chips were done with Chardnon Granite with chainmail in the center

Big D said...

A slick model. I am loving the Blood Pact theme.