Thursday, July 9, 2009

Blood Pact Voxcaster

Here is the all Important Vox-Caster.

I did not use a grotesque head on him but a gasmask head instead that I have cabled to his vox.

I used thin 24 guauge wire for he helmet antennae.

He also has a powered down Auspex so he can call in artillery strikes.

He could also stand in as an Evil Master of Ordanance

This guy is a mismash of parts from Maxmini,Cadian shock and command sprues and a cable from Dragonforge.

They are soooo much easier than using PITA guitar wire it comes in sizes that work for both characters and vehicles.

I have the style of painting them down the way I feel they were described in the books with red fatigues the color of dried blood.

-Solid Dark Flesh base

-Wash of Devilin Mud

-Two washes of Baal Red let each wash dry fully before applying next

-Highlight high folds with 1/1 VMC black red/carmine red

-Wash of baal red to help blend in the highlights


Rabidchild said...

He looks really good. Great pose and nice additions. I just worked with the cabling from Dragonforge for the first time last night and it's a treat.

For my Blood Pact vox operator ( I used a really thin roll of greenstuff as the cable between the vox and his handset.

Oh, I added you to my list of blood pact blogs.

BigWill said...

You army looks great too adding your blog as we speak.

Karitas said...

This guy looks very good indeed, you're right you are getting these guys down. :)