Saturday, January 29, 2011

WW2 Historical M26 Pershing Pt 1

Here is a M26 Pershing tank I am making to go along with some homegrown rules I am making for Dust Tactics.

Basically add regular non mech units,I have a Tiger I and a Sherman to do as well.

I used Procreate to replicate the canvas mantlet cover,using a mechanical pencil to add the fasteners

The Bottom chassis is completed and weathered the top has the base coat and oil filters.
I have painted the barrel in a camo style Shermans used to use to give the impression of a
smaller barrel.

The filters should be completely dry by tomorrow so I can start the varnish and decal layer.

Anyone know if the finish should be shiny gloss or satin for water slide transfers?

Either way after the decals I will add rain marks and pin washes


Anonymous said...

A fantastic blog, anymore work going on the bomber?

After reading double eagle i made a few of my own aircraft:

Hope you like them!

BigWill said...

I just took a little hiatus on the bomber.
After I finish another tank or two,I plan to go back to it.
I bought the game Dust tactics a few weeks ago and it side tracked my a little.
I have a while on the bomber,like I said I always ment to enter it in the GD,but I do not want to go to the Chicago one,I'm betting the one after is in LA.
I have friends in LA so I would be making the trip for more than one reason.
So I have a year and a half to get it right.

Gaddies Lee said...

I love the work your doing I had found several others that are also working on this type of project , we should compare notes. I just finished a Tiger 1 for Dust it was a Lindberg model that cost about $10 and was 1;48th scale perfect for dust and simple to build.