Friday, January 7, 2011

"G for Gretta"Super Detailing of Flaps

Today it was time to start showing the under wing some love,the engines are going on soon.

The flaps were are little blah.

Every time I fly on a plane I usually get a real good view of the flaps because I am in coach in the back :)

But the is always a whole lot going on inside the flap area that wasn't happening on this model

Here is a photo of a real B-17 flap see all the gubbins.

So what I did was bend some 24 gauge wire a bit a glue onto the flap area of the wing.

Not too much three little pieces each,I do not want to bulk it out just have the illusion of alot more going on.

I do this by making many square bends in the three lines.

I then painting it and the underside of the flap itself Tamiya Cockpit Green and the plumbing is painted Tin Bits.


Da Masta Cheef said...

You keep this whole 'realism' bit up & you'll have to start filing & rounding the leading edges of the wings.

The GunGrave said...

Nice idea, i like it!

BigWill said...

Damit Masta Cheef stop giving me ideas :)