Monday, January 24, 2011

Kilroy Close Up shots

I added some weathering to him with oil paint,dot filtering and weathering powders.

A bit more work and he'll be perfect


davetaylor said...

Thanks for posting these shots. At first he was looking a little bit flat, lacking detail, but with the addition of the scratches, dents, streaks, flaking paint, and rust, you've given him a lot of character.


BigWill said...

He is still not quite done.
The red and yellow cables still need the black stripes.
And as someone pointed out to me.
why is his pipes shiney when the rest of him is rusty.
He just might have a point me thinks.

CounterFett said...

I think the pipes on his back don't need to be rusty, since they would be chromed or electroplated or some such. What they should be is soot scorched near the top from exhaust, like a semi.