Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dust "Kilroy the painting process"

Here I am showing you how I go about painting a guy like Kilroy.

First I paint him in the colors of the materials he is built with in this case Steel and Copper.

I used Alclad II for the Steel and Copper over a basecoat of Tamiya Primer and Armory Black primers.

After that is dry I use masking fluid to sparingly hit him on a couple of spots,mainly the edges.

I then used Tamiya Hull Red to replicate the Red Oxide primer that armor is painted after they come off the assemby line.

After which once again hit it with masking fluid,the key word is sparingly.

After this I used Testors Model Master(MM) Olive Drab and painted him up in about for light layers as to opposed to all at once.

This I will leave to dry for a few hours before I start panel fading and hightlighting with MM Faded Olive Drab

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Fredd said...

Great work...inspired me awhile back to adapt robots to a game called Dust Tactics. Thought you might be interested in seeing. Love the giant retro robot. Mine are much smaller...squad level.