Thursday, January 6, 2011

"G for Gretta" Guages > Candles

Just a quick shot to show what I expect in a cockpit


I made these with a micro arts, micro punch tool it is a little pricey($30+) but makes perfect gauge sized circles,all the WWII modelers use it.


Anonymous said...

Dude, I hate you for doing such an awesome job on this project. I've been a fan of Forgeworld's Marauders and Thunderbolts since they came out and I'm a huge fan of Double Eagle (can't wait for Interceptor City). But when I finally managed to pick up a Marauder in a trade a couple years ago, I found that the model was really poorly molded. I consider myself to be a good modeler, but the work I would have had to do to rehab this was more than I was willing to do. Ultimately, I traded it away or sold it.

Seeing you do this makes me regret I let that model go.

Damn you.

(Fantastic job with this, though! I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes!)

BigWill said...

Thanks a bunch.
You should check out the earlier stuff on this blog
There are alot of Black Library models like Eisenhorn and Blood Pact.
I am itching to buy a Thunderbolt but I am not until after the summer.
I heard a rumor the plastic one is coming out this summer(fingers crossed)
Unless I sell my guard army,then I would buy one with that money and be none the poorer.
Like I said earlier I would like to make a mettalic Thunderbolt escort to match the Maruarder.
Then a flying tiger and the a cream colored Apostle.
Which would be a real challange.

But I had the day off today and got alot done today,watch this space soon.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of plastic Thunderbolts. While I got one in a trade around the same time as I got the Marauder, I wound up letting that one go. Since then, I've scratchbuilt five of them out of card and plastic. I keep wanting to build a squadron of nine, but folks kept offering to buy them at times when I've needed the cash. Consequently, I've only got one left.

Your work on Gretta is inspiring me to look at scratchbuilding a Marauder. I've got the templates downloaded, I've just never gotten around to building it.

I've seen a lot of your early stuff. I'm not a fan of Blood Pact armies, as a rule (I just see way too many of them compared to a distinct lack of Tanith or other BL guard regiments), but you execute yours well. I'd seen you Loxatl somewhere else online before and totally dig the design, and I particularly like your take on Heldane.

Don't worry - I'm going to continue to watch what you do here.