Monday, January 17, 2011

Dust "The First Batch"

Here are the first few Dust minis that I am working on.

I painted the Germans in a SS theme,not because I love Nazi's or anything but only the elite troops would have access to this kind of gear and that would mean the SS.

I painted the Recon Grenadiers in an Autumn Pea Dot,the Battle Grenadiers in Winter Smocks with regular Pea Dot pants,and the Laser Grenadiers in traditional Field Grey.

I have also started work on the first unit of Airborne Rangers too(the Elite thing goes both ways)


Anonymous said...

Don't forget to put the yellow diamond and Battalion they came out of on the back of their helmets. The Rangers that is.

BigWill said...

Thank you ,I need more things like that ;)