Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year,Goose watch your head

First off I'd like to wish all who frequent my blog a very Happy New Year.

Hope all your resolutions come true and all that jazz.

The Guys from Forge World were awesome enough to provide me with a spare co-pilot seat.

I explained to them I was modeling the plane with no one inside and needed a second co-pilot seat.

You see the regular cockpit comes with the pilot seat with the pilot sculpted in the seat.

The co-pilot is not sculpted on,he gets glued into the seat,so for an empty cockpit you need two co-pilot seats.

Once I received it,I went about the task of making the new pilots seat actually looking the part.

I copied every detail I would from the original and even added much more,such as the ejection handles and restraints.

The new seats have 36 extra styrene details such as the new more realistic control stick with
top-hat and 4 painted on buttons,I also added that detail to the regular pilot piece so his control
stick does not look like a knob off a forklift.

The restraints were made with heavy foil off the top of a wine bottle trimmed to shape and fine wire to make the buckle.
The paint job is not finished more of just a basecoat at this point.

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kriz said...

awesome scratch build my friend.