Saturday, March 20, 2010

Imperial Fists Drop-Pod Pt.2

I reworked the weathering powder a bit and started to add my signature chipping to the doors.

I used a sponge and Boltgun Metal on the danger stripe to show wear and tear.

I will be reapplying the dust colored powder after I paint the chips.

I see these things kicking up one hell of a dust cloud when they land.
There is something that really bothers me about this model.
The harnesses are in a locked position but there are no passenger models like the forgeworld one.
If they leave out the passengers they should of made the harnesses in the open position.
I guess they close by themselves like at Six Flaggs.

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C Trudden said...

You could always model the harnesses open, though I'm not sure the closed drop pod would allow it. DOn't all of the harnesses swing on the cylinder that ties them into the center console? I just built two - that was my general impression. Which of course, may be wrong.